Sebastián Lacunza

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An undeniable, understandable shift

It would be tempting to attribute Macri’s change to a centrist path adopted by the Pink House, but it wouldn’t be consistent with reality. The approach of the Let’s Change administration to economic policies, the relationship with the main opposition bloc, institutional reforms and media policy is anything but moderate. Between the light summer weeks before Macri’s inauguration day and this fall, several elements have been moved on the board. First of all, Susana Malcorra was appointed to the Foreign Ministry days after those high-profile allegations targeting Maduro. Malcorra is an experienced official in diplomatic negotiations rather than in launching riots though headlines in the media. As soon as Malcorra took office, she begun smoothing the threat against Venezuela by Macri, which had only led to rejection or indifference in the region es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino