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Gov’t rejects claims of tense Vatican meeting


His statements came after the long-awaited meeting between Macri and Francis ended up being a frosty encounter that lasted a mere 22 minutes.
Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra said the meeting was short because “President Macri doesn’t talk a lot.”

“I’ve seen people measuring how little they talked or assuming there was prejudice (on both sides), but I believe it was just a meeting between the president of a country and the global leader of Catholicism,” Malcorra told Radio La Red.


Malcorra, for her part, said she was surprised to see “that a stop watch can be used to measure the efficiency of a meeting.”

Sra. Canciller Buenos Aires Herald Argentina

Pope gives Macri a frosty 22 minutes

Macri arrived in Rome with his wife, Juliana Awada, and accompanied by several officials, including Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña and Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra. The president gave Francis a crucifix and a poncho along with several CDs. The Holy See thanked the president for the presents in the same press release.

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