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Who says samba and zamba are the same?

Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra implicitly admitted to an unsatisfactory relationship the next day when she blamed the previous governments for shortfalls. No wonder Macri minimised his stay in Brazil to hasten back home for his 58th birthday celebrations in San Martín de los Andes.

Sra. Canciller Buenos Aires Herald Análisis Michael Soltys

Floor flaws but also high-flying

The low-key tone of this agreement may well have been prompted by an accident-prone September — the agreement between Duncan and Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra (then still in pursuit of the top job at the United Nations) accompanying the Business and Investment Forum here, which ran into local flak, and Macri's extraordinary gaffe at the UN General Assembly when he claimed to have coaxed Malvinas sovereignty talks out of the new British Prime Minister Theresa May during a five-minute encounter in a corridor.

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Malcorra: in a sense, it matters less

This reality puts the recent loss by Argentine Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra, in the race for the secretary-generalship, into perspective.

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The Francis factor

The moderation meanwhile will not make the difficult questions go away. Macri gulped yesterday when he was asked about the British government’s decision to go ahead with routine military exercises in Malvinas Islands’ waters this week. The president told reporters that Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra could answer that question.

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Feminism’s pyrrhic victories

In Western countries, feminists are winning battle after battle in the war against the patriarchy. Whenever a glass ceiling catches their eye, they set about smashing it. As far as they are concerned, mere parity with the other sex is not enough; after centuries of serving the menfolk, they say the time has come for their own to get all the top jobs. Susana Malcorra’s bid, like those of a couple of Bulgarian ladies, to become UN secretary general was based on that notion. In the US, Hillary Clinton thinks that being a woman gives her yet another advantage over the crudely macho Donald Trump.

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Seven days

WEDNESDAY. Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra finally strikes out in the race to be the next United Nations secretary-general, which is won by Portuguese ex-premier Antonio Guterres.

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Start spreading the news

Malvinas was already in the news because Argentina’s Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra and Alan Duncan, Britain’s minister of state for Europe and the Americas, last week singed a joint statement agreeing to work together to get rid of restrictions to the oil and gas, shipping and fishing industries around the disputed islands.

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Down the wrong path

Meanwhile, the world is increasingly unsafe, violent and, above all, unfair. In this context, the actions of ministers Susana Malcorra and Patricia Bullrich would be hilarious if they were not officials with unlimited power.

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Seven days

WEDNESDAY. Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra and visiting British Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan (here for the forum) sign a Malvinas agreement including mainland flights and economic co-operation.

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Syrian refugees and Argentina’s foreign policy

Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra’s recent announcement that Argentina will accept 3000 additional Syrian refugees (beyond the several hundred already here) is, happily, a positive step in the humanitarian direction that should also serve Argentine foreign policy very well in both the near and long term.

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An undeniable, understandable shift

It would be tempting to attribute Macri’s change to a centrist path adopted by the Pink House, but it wouldn’t be consistent with reality. The approach of the Let’s Change administration to economic policies, the relationship with the main opposition bloc, institutional reforms and media policy is anything but moderate. Between the light summer weeks before Macri’s inauguration day and this fall, several elements have been moved on the board. First of all, Susana Malcorra was appointed to the Foreign Ministry days after those high-profile allegations targeting Maduro. Malcorra is an experienced official in diplomatic negotiations rather than in launching riots though headlines in the media. As soon as Malcorra took office, she begun smoothing the threat against Venezuela by Macri, which had only led to rejection or indifference in the region es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino